Driver Shortage and International Shipping

Recently the shipping industry has been facing a lot of concern about the impending truck driver shortage. As regulations get tougher on commercial truck driving, there seems to be less and less new drivers joining the industry. Some people blame the increased legislation which does not allow for as much flexibility as truck drivers used to experience. Others just think times are changing and people do not want to leave their families to go on long trips across the United States.

Where does this leave us in the shipping industry? For many shipping companies, the shorter truck routes and regular shipments leave them with little fear. They think their routes will be appealing to truckers and they will be able to continue shipping their containers without issue. The problem is that if there are fewer drivers, the freight rates will be a lot higher and competition will also be higher.

For now, the ATA is fighting new driver rules, but everyone is wondering if it will be enough to stop a slow down of American logistics. If something is not done to change the driver shortage, the shipping industry will have a slow down as well. As it is the economy is struggling its way out of the recession. This will only add fuel to the already out of control fire. If companies do not begin to take the driver shortage more seriously, it could be devastating for shipping companies as well as freight forwarders and other companies who work with truckers in the shipping industry.